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Alison Gannett in action

Alison Gannett

Activity: Skiing, Biking and Surfing
Activism: Global Climate Disruption 

Alison Gannett is a World Champion Extreme Skier, Founder of the Save Our Snow Foundation, and an award winning global cooling consultant. Ski Magazine named her “Ski Hero of the year 2010”, while Outside Magazine named her “A Green All-Star”, next to Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger. On her worldwide ski expeditions, she photo documents climate change. Most importantly, she trains individuals, businesses and governments on her four-step, cost saving, climate change solutions framework. Included in her trainees have been Al Gore’s Climate Project team, business around the world, the ski industry, and the US Congress.

Additional projects of Alison’s are: In 2004, she founded the Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE). This is a non-profit aimed at calculating and reducing the Crested Butte, Colorado watershed’s carbon footprint by working with three local towns, one county, one ski area, local schools, a college, and local citizens. The Equilibrium Fund of which Alison is on the board, is working with Central American women on food security, poverty alleviation, carbon sequestration, and leadership development.

And she also runs Rippin Chix steep skiing camps and Mountain Bike skills camps – to build self-confidence through fun skills development for women and girls.

Sports have changed Alison’s life, bringing her health, happiness, confidence, and passion; and this is her inspiration for sharing her experience with others. She lives in Paonia, Colorado, on Holy Terror Farm, where she and her husband Jason are homesteading and sharing their goods with locals abound.  The farm is being threatened by the invasion of oil and gas exploration – “Fracking” – please learn more.

Elemental Herbs partners with Alison and with her Save Our Snow Foundation to help spread the word on simple ways to help reduce our impact on global climate change.

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