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chadd-konig-2.jpgFavorite Products:

The All Good Goop because it has infinite uses and
the Sunstick because it protects my skin everyday.


Activity: Surfing
Activism: Global Community Supported Environmental Education and Restoration

What is your favorite human powered sport and what do you love about it? The riding of waves and being in the ocean. How the ocean provides an abundance of valuable teachings that are applicable throughout all of life.

What are your best words of advice for staying healthy? Listen to your body. Observe you mind. Wake with the sunrise. Meditation and non-meditation.

What are some environmental “solutions” you’ve been a part of? Worked for a few environmental organizations based in Santa Barbara, CA assisting with outreach. Embarked on surf/paddle trips and used them as a platform to raise awareness for needed environmental and social issues. Collaborating with Surf For Life in helping with community based development in needed coastal towns.

Who has been your most inspiring teacher, leader or hero? The ocean, mountains and forest.

If you could work or train with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be? Mahatma Gandhi.

If you had the whole world for an audience to hear one sentence, what would it be? No language. Just stillness, silence and acknowledgement of each other. Maybe a bow.

If you were a non-human animal, what would you be? Dolphin

What’s your favorite food? Vegan Burrito and Smoothies

What is your most often used first aid kit item? Tape

What is your favorite season? Winter

What is your most amazing adventure story? Prone paddling solo from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. Seeing the coastline while crawling along the surface with me hands. Sleeping outside for a month and communing with all the elements and animals.

What motivates you to keep doing what you do? Visions and the knowing of impermanence.

What is your carbon footprint? 7 metric tons


Chadd shreds with these all good products: