Lessons from the Dalai Lama

It’s hard to argue with the Dalai Lama so when we stumbled across his list of 20 Instructions for Life, we had to share. To read the Dalai Lamas’ entire list, click here.

At Elemental Herbs, we take #15 very very seriously: Be gentle with the earth.

As a nature-based healing company, we at Elemental Herbs are forever grateful for the earth’s abundant resources. We see it as our duty to care for them in the same way we care for our own bodies. That’s why we are dedicated to using restorative and responsible business practices.

Here are just a few of the ideals to which Elemental Herbs is committed:

  • Our production facility runs on solar power. That’s right – we make All Good Goop in the Morro Bay Community Center’s kitchen, which gets its electricity from photovoltaic panels on the building’s rooftop.
  •  Company headquarters are an organic farm and education center. Just up the road, inland from Morro Bay, Four Elements Farm is where our offices reside. The farm is a 55-acre parcel with orchards, gardens, composting toilets and a straw-bale greenhouse. We do residential Permaculture Design Courses once a year, and we host WWOOF’rs (willing workers on organic farms) and farm interns year round.
  •  Our team is our family. We are a small company, and as we grow, we want our team to grow with us. We create a fun and healthy environment for employees, and we encourage them to care for themselves and their families first. We support them in their own nourishing pursuits.

That’s not all. To read the rest of our pledge to planet earth, visit the Elemental Herbs site here. To shop for products that reflect our commitment, click here to visit our online store.